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Product name: AISI / SUS304 201 430 316 Stainless Steel Trim Stainless Steel Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

Product Introduction:

Stainless Steel Custom Trim. Besides Stainless Steel L trim, Stainless Steel U trim, Stainless Steel T trim, Stainless Steel J trim, etc, we can also do many customized shapes to fulfill different request in different industries and decoration area.

Stainless Steel decorative trims have a relatively strong texture. Nowadays, many hotel decorations and villa decorations use stainless steel lines, such as ceiling decoration, skirting, background wall lines, door frame edging, etc., and the color of stainless steel is relatively rich, such as rose gold and plating. Copper, titanium plating, etc. are very stylish. In additional to decorative strips, we can also do other sheet metal art work, such as stainless steel screens and stainless steel lattice partitions that are commonly used in decoration. They are not only rich in colors, changeable in shape, but also practical and beautiful. Compared with decorative strips made of plaster lines and wood boards, metal materials are relatively simple and elegant, and easy to care for.

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✔ Customization and sample to confirm.
✔ We have a professional QC team to ensure quality delivery to you are fair.
✔ Check the raw material before starting production.
✔ Have the random inspection during the processing.
✔ Final Inspection before shipment.


Q: If we have a stainless steel project, how can you support us?
A: We have over 5000mt stainless steel sheet and coil are everyday in stock for daily use. For interior and exterior stainless steel decoration, our various of decorative stainless steel sheets and stainless steel trim and custom sheet metal working support will widely fulfill your demand. For sheet metal working or stainless steel processing, our 8-engineers-team and laser cutting machine, bending machine, Slotting machine, etc are ready to do the customization according to your drawings or project request.

Q: Is sample available?
A: Sure, free sample is always available to confirm quality.

Q: Is it possible for you with small orders?
A: No problem, we have no min orders. Welcome all kinds of contractors and Designers to cooperate with us.

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