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Classification of chrome steel ornamental panels
Classification of chrome steel ornamental panels

1. Classified with the aid of using procedure

A. Electroplating: The procedure of the usage of electrolysis to connect a metallic movie to the floor of a metallic or different material. It can save you corrosion, enhance put on resistance, electric conductivity, reflectivity, and beautify aesthetics.

B. water plating does now no longer depend upon an outside electricity supply withinside the aqueous solution, and is predicated at the lowering agent withinside the plating way to perform a chemical discount reaction, in order that the metallic ions are constantly decreased at the autocatalytic floor to shape a metallic plating layer.

C. Fluorocarbon paint refers back to the paint with fluororesin as the primary movie-forming substance; additionally called fluorocarbon paint, fluorine paint, fluororesin paint

D. spray paint sprays the paint right into a mist with compressed air at the chrome steel plate to shape unique colour.



2. Classification with the aid of using floor effect

Mirror panel (8K), drawing board (LH), frosted board, and sample board, sandblasting board, etching board, embossing board, composite board (blended board).


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