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Bronze Sheet in place of Copper Materials Stainless Steel Antique Bronze
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Product name: Bronze Sheet in place of Copper/ Brass Antique Bronze Stainless Steel


Product Introduction:
The Bronze Sheet adopts German advanced water plating technology, the surface of stainless steel is plated with a certain thickness of real copper, brass, bronze, and copper.
Due to the extreme similarity with real copper plate but price is much lower, so that Bronze Sheet is widely used as the replacement of cooper plate in decoration area.

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Product Detail
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product information

Product Name Bronze Sheet / Antique Bronze Stainless Steel Sheet / Antique Brass Stainless Steel Sheet
Type Stainless Steel Plate / Stainless Steel Sheet
Grade AISI/SUS 201/304/304L/430/316/316L
Thickness(mm) Sheet: 0.3-10mm
Width(mm) Main Dimension Other Dimension
1000 1219 3048 Customized
Length(mm) As request
Surface Antique Brass, Bronze
Available combination with Embossed, Hairline, Brushed, Etched, Anti-fingerprint, etc.
Color Red/Green/Antique/Bronze, Customized
Edge Finish Slit Edge
Protection PVC protecting film
Application Replacement of real Brass, Copper plates. High-end Cabinets, Bathroom, Elevator Decoration, Hotel Decoration and other Architectural Decoration Fields
Free Sample TNT, DHL, FEDEX
OEM&ODM Available. Welcome to send sample for customization.
Sheet Metal working is available according to drawing.

Major Advantages

1. Bronze Sheet has the characteristics of spot welding and full welding, and there is no separation after shearing. It is more adaptable and has a wider application range, which solves the problems of blistering and peeling that occurred during the welding of composite plates in the past.

2.Antique Bronze Stainless Steel Sheet is high-end, beautiful, easy to clean, maintenance-free, anti-strike, anti-pressure, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, and does not leave fingerprints after touching. The surface is baked with professional transparent paint to safely isolate the contact with the air, further making the surface of the product extremely shiny, luxurious and never fading. After repeated scientific experiments, its anti-wear, anti-scratch and compressive properties are better than ordinary stainless steel plates.

3. Bronze Sheet can meet the needs of special-shaped processing and conventional molding and stretch forming processing. It can be used in the processing of copper products and in special environments.

4. The price of Bronze Sheet (including processing fee) is usually only about 1/3 of the price of real copper. The Bronze Stainless Steel Sheet not only has the high performance of stainless steel corrosion resistance, wear resistance, waterproof and rust prevention, but also has the surface treatment of real copper, so the cost performance is very high. Widely recognized by customers, it is a very common type of stainless steel decoration application. Therefore, water-plated stainless steel bronze is widely used in various decoration and tool making.

Production Application

Bronze sheet / bronze sheet metal is very good in replacing expensive Copper Materials.
Mainly used in hotels, large shopping malls, wealthy clubs, colorful bars, KTV, display cabinets, interior decoration, hardware appliances, kitchen and bathroom appliances, cabinet panels, elevator decoration, ceilings, aisles, advertising signs, etc.

Production line

Project cases


✔ We will provide precisely and efficiently manufacture and serve according to clients' request or drawings.
✔ Professional QC team to ensure quality delivery to you are fair.
✔ Check the raw material before starting production.
✔ Random inspection during the processing.
✔ Final Inspection before shipment.


Q: If we have a stainless steel project, how can you support us?
A: For stainless steel materials, we are keeping 5000mt everyday in stock for daily use. For interior and exterior stainless steel decoration, our various of decorative stainless steel patterns sheets will widely fulfill your demand. For sheet metal working or stainless steel processing, our 6-engineers-team and laser cutting machine, bending machine, Slotting machine, etc are ready to do the customization according to your drawings or project request.

Q: Is sample available?
A: Sure, free sample is always available to confirm quality.

Q: How can we order? What's your payment?
A: You can place orders after confirming our quality and specifications .T/T ,L/C ,Credit card and PayPal are all acceptable .Welcome to learn me with our sales manager.

Q: Is it possible for you with small orders?
A: No problem, we have no min orders. We will try our best to support you. Your growth is our growth.

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