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We are supplying stainless steel materials / Aluminum materials / Decorative metal products to many construction projects or interior project contractors since 2001.

With strong supply chain of decorative materials, decorative products and engineer support team, We Can Serve Construction Contractors in Below Areas:

1.Building Exterior Wall and Interior Decoration Style Customization. Interior and Exterior Decoration Design. Professional Engineers Team will make an efficient solution according to Customer’s Tender or Request.

2.Make a Bid or Procurement Plan if necessary. We will assist you to make the procurement plan according to your budget. Also we will assist you to make a bid for tender.

3.Stainless steel / Aluminum or other Metal Decoration Engineering Services, Including Partition Wall, Curtain Wall, Interior/Exterior Wall Decoration, Ceiling and Decorative Ceiling, Liquor Cabinet, Metal Fence, Stair Handrails, Windows & Doors, Custom Edging Trims.

4.Decorative Building Materials such as Ceramic Tiles / Furniture / Chandelier / Lighting, etc One-stop Procurement Supporting Services.

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