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Stainless Steel Partition Wall/ Stainless Steel Decorative Screen
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Stainless steel screens are popular in high-end places as important decorations

Stainless steel is a relatively environmentally friendly decoration material. It has no organic matter such as methanol, no radiation, and is safe and fireproof.

Modern stainless steel screens, we mainly use 304, 316 stainless steel, with color stainless steel, etched stainless steel, polished stainless steel, sand blasting , brushed stainless steel and other processing methods, making the stainless steel screen more artistic and meeting interior decoration demand.

Modern stainless steel screens have come out of their past functions and re-established a functional form based on human aesthetic appreciation. When we design stainless steel screens, we focus on material, size, environment, style, and color. The function of modern stainless steel screens is actually the epitome of environmental functions.

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✔ We will provide more precisely and efficiently manufacture and serve according to clients' request or drawings.
✔ We have a professional QC team to ensure quality delivery to you are fair.
✔ Check the raw material before starting production.
✔ Have the random inspection during the processing.
✔ Final Inspection before shipment.


Q: If we have a stainless steel project, how can you support us?
A: For stainless steel materials, we are keeping 5000mt everyday in stock for daily use. For interior and exterior stainless steel decoration, our various of decorative stainless steel patterns sheets will widely fulfill your demand. For sheet metal working or stainless steel processing, our 6-engineers-team and laser cutting machine, bending machine, Slotting machine, etc are ready to do the customization according to your drawings or project request.
Q: Is sample available?
A: Sure, free sample is always available to confirm quality.
Q: How can we order? What's your payment?
A: You can place orders after confirming our quality and specifications. T/T, L/C, Credit card and PayPal are all acceptable. For convience of our production, we usually prefer T/T.
Q: Is it possible for you with small orders?
A: No problem, we have no min orders.

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