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Perforated Metal Sheet/Perforated Pipe/Perforated Sheet/Expanded Metal Mesh
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Product name: AISI304 AISI316 316L 201 430 443 439 420 Perforated Metal Sheet/Expanded Metal Mesh/Expanded Mesh/Perforated Sheet / Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet / Punched Stainless Steel

Product Introduction:
Perforated Metal Sheet also called Expanded Metal Mesh, Expanded Mesh, Perforated Sheet is a kind of mesh product produced by continuous punching of high-quality stainless steel plate on a precision CNC punching machine according to a specific die and spacing. The hole patterns that can be produced include round holes, elliptical holes, oblong holes, and Square holes, rectangular holes, triangular holes, five-pointed star holes, hexagonal holes, eight-shaped holes, cross holes, plum blossom holes, diamond holes, scale holes, louver holes, round drum holes, crocodile mouth holes, etc. series of holes, Stainless steel punching plates with different pass types can be selected according to different applications, which has a wide range of applications.

The thickness of Perforated Metal Sheet and Perforated Pipe are rich in choice, and the thickness of the plate is between 0.1mm-20mm, which can be produced and manufactured. The aperture size can be produced between 0.2mm-300mm.

Perforated Metal Sheet and Perforated Pipe are rich in material choices. The conventional 200 series, 300 series, 400 series and other conventional stainless steel plates on the market or other grades of stainless steel plates can be produced to produce stainless steel punching plates, which greatly meets the needs of different materials. Requirements.

The Perforated Metal Sheet can be processed by different processes such as bending, reeling, laser cutting, cutting, etc., and can be processed for point-resolving and polishing. The production and processing of all procedures can be completed at the manufacturer, and the user can use it directly after taking it back Eliminate the trouble of secondary processing.

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Product Detail
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product information

Product Name AISI 304, AISI 316 ,316L, 304L, 201, 430, 410, 420, 443, 439 Perforated Pipe/ Stainless Steel perforated sheet/ Perforated Metal Sheet/Expanded Metal Mesh/Expanded Mesh/Perforated Sheet / Perforated aluminum sheet
Type Stainless Steel Sheet / Stainless Steel Plate / Perforated aluminum sheet
Grade AISI/SUS 201/304/304L/430/316/316L stainless steel sheet or Aluminum Plate
Specification(mm) (1) Coil Thickness 0.2-1.0mm, length 20m. Pore diameter:1.5mm-10mm.
(2) Sheet Thickness 0.2-20mm, width*length≤1.5m * 5m. Pore diameter :0.5mm-200mm.
Surface Tube Perforated, Plate Perforated Perforated / Punching as request
Patterns Round Hole, Square, Oblong Hole, Triangular Hole, Rhombus Hole, Diamond, Hexagonal, Plum Blossom, Wave Hole, Four-pointed Star, Five-pointed star, Honeycomb, Ornamental Hole, Triangular Hole, Ornamenta Hole, Floral Pattern, etc
Edge Finish Slit Edge or Cut to Size
Protection PVC protecting film
Free Sample By TNT, DHL, FEDEX express or air
OEM&ODM Available. Welcome to send sample for customization.
Sheet Metal working is available according to drawing.

Production Application

Reference Applications Types
1. Used in civil construction 1. Round hole stainless steel Perforated Metal Sheet
2. Used for the protection of mechanical equipment 2. Square hole stainless steel Perforated Sheet
3. Used in the manufacture of handicrafts 3. Special-shaped Perforated Sheet
4. Used for high-end speaker grille 4. Micro porous Perforated Sheet
5. Used for ventilation and heat dissipation of food 5. Non-slip Perforated Metal Sheet
6. Used for bridges as steel bars 6. Road suction, sound insulation Perforated Metal Sheet
7. Others 7. Customized

Production Line

We have 3 precision CNC punch presses, 200 tons/300 tons high speed wide gantry punch production line, 100T*3200mm Amada precision CNC bending machine, 250T*4200mm CNC bending machine, TFK*3200mm precision shearing machine. Various long holes, hexagonal holes, square holes, round holes, micro holes and special-shaped holes can be punched on large-size metal and non-metal plates (thick plate 2000mm×6000mm, coil thickness 0.35-1.5mm×width 1500mm×C Rice roll material). The hole diameter can be φ0.5-150mm. We can provide customers with punching and forming (leveling, shearing, folding, reel, argon welding), and produce various punching metal products according to customer requirements.

Project cases


Stainless steel perforated sheet

✔ Manufacture and serve according to clients' request or drawings.
✔ We have a professional QC team to ensure quality delivery to you is fair.
✔ Check the raw material before starting production.
✔ Have the random inspection during the processing.
✔ Final Inspection before shipment.


Q: If we have a stainless steel project, how can you support us?
A: For stainless steel materials, we are keeping 5000mt everyday in stock for daily use. For interior and exterior stainless steel decoration, our various of decorative stainless steel patterns sheets will widely fulfill your demand. For sheet metal working or stainless steel processing, our 6-engineers-team and laser cutting machine, bending machine, Slotting machine, etc are ready to do the customization according to your drawings or project request.

Q: How can we order? What's your payment?
A: You can place orders after confirming our quality and specifications .T/T ,L/C ,Credit card and PayPal are all acceptable .For convience of our production , we usually prefer T/T.

Q: Is it possible for you with small orders?
A: No problem, we have no min orders.

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